Wouldn’t you like to relax with your loved one in a spacious environment?

Wouldn’t you want to rest like as if you are in home itself?

The lounge area of Magnum lounge

Is “Magnum” as the name says is well decorated beautifully with a blend of attractive colors.

Whether you are with your better half, there’s a place for you. If you are with friends, there’s a perfect area for you or if you are with your family, we provide you with another choice. Lounge area is for you and your choices define our service.

Remember us; whether it’s a group of one or two to group of a large number, our lounge area can occupy all of us perfectly.

Magnum lounge is beautifully designed upscale Lounge with cozy ambiance and interior. To provide unique ambiance and experience every day, a hangout spot of choice for people in KathmanduThe dining room has been specially designed to imitate our Nepalese culture. There is large sitting area under cover and a small intimate balcony overlooking the spectacular views. Adjoining is the bar. The cool atmosphere creates a space that is welcoming yet intimate, unlike that in any large hotel.

Enjoying a drink in a spacious lounge bar is a truly enjoyable experience.

A relaxing environment to catch up with guests, business colleagues, family and friends.