For a memorable meal the quality of the service is something that guests often remember as much as the food and drink served. That means that restaurant servers must show extensive knowledge of all types of cuisine and dishes, especially the ingredients and cooking style of the dishes. They will need to know and understand the methods of preparation and serving, along with the tools used.

The restaurant service practitioner provides high quality food and drink service to guests. A food service practitioner generally works in the commercial sector, offering a range of services to customers. There is a direct relationship between the nature and quality of the service required, and the payment made by the guest. 

Regardless of whether it is a self-service cafeteria or five star hotel restaurant good manners, a smart appearance, and impeccable personal hygiene are equally essential.

Our newly refurbished and extended restaurant has been designed with a warm and contemporary feel, carefully designed to enable space yet intimacy

However, the most important aspect of any restaurant is the quality of food and service, and we are justifiably proud of both.

Our menu is based on the principles of using the high quality raw local ingredients, along with the best of ingredients imported from around the world, freshly cooked and by team with care and attention.