The VIP-zone of ‘Magnum” is separated from the major room especially designed for small groups with cozy pillowed sofas and a huge table in the middle of the zone. Subdued lightning and incredibly cozy atmosphere make the VIP-zone the perfect place for business lunches and private family events.

One of Magnum lounges most special seating sections is its Vip zone. Its hospitality area is inside and the whole service offers a perfect combination of avant-garde gastronomy and architecture.

Exceptional customized service provided by highly-accomplished assistants including, luxurious food&beverage facilities, turn-down service, special organizations and all sorts of concierge services.

You are about to enjoy our delicious menu in this very special place presenting a wide range of tastes and recipes without any time limits. You would feel yourself privileged like a crown on the head.

Want to have extra special evening out for a special event, business meeting or just a good night out? Walk up our stairs into our private VIP area and enjoy a extra personalized service and let our staff do the rest. Relax on our large comfortable sofas and indulge in all our great food, drinks, desserts and shisha we have to offer. With views of our entire venue including the garden, this is definitely luxury at its best.